Angel Oak Companies is a leading vertically integrated asset manager delivering innovative mortgage and consumer credit solutions. Through its integrated credit and investment platform, Angel Oak Companies provides unique solutions across asset management and lending.


Year Founded

$ Billion+

in origination volume: Mortgage Lending

$ Billion*

AUM: Asset Management

$ Billion

Securitized: Capital Markets

*Estimated as of 9/30/23. Assets under management (AUM) represents the sum of assets managed or serviced, and committed but uncalled capital.

Angel Oak’s Ecosystem


Angel Oak Companies is a global financial institution that identifies and capitalizes on market dislocations, connects the financial landscape, and creates new market opportunities.

Connecting Generations of Wealth


Angel Oak Co-CEOs Sreeni Prabhu and Mike Fierman explain how Angel Oak’s ecosystem is intentionally built to connect investors to borrowers.

Asset Management

Expertise in Mortgage and Structured Credit

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Mortgage Lending

Bringing a Fresh Approach to Mortgage Lending

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Capital Markets

Optimization of Loan Financing and Securitization

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