Innovative risk management and investment portfolio solutions for financial institutions

Angel Oak Consulting Group excels at providing value to banks and credit unions. Our team of industry professionals can leverage years of experience from the perspective of practitioners, regulators, and consultants.  We have partnered with depository financial institutions, asset managers, insurance companies, and regulators to deliver value-driven risk management, investment optimization, compliance and education solutions.

Angel Oak Consulting was created to fill the practical experience gap that exists in the field of risk management consulting. It was this fundamental void that launched the idea to provide a consulting alternative–a group that not only understands risk management in theory, but has also had to execute on strategic and tactical solutions and been held accountable for their results. We add value by enhancing our clients’ ability to understand, measure and manage risk, which leads to optimized balance sheet performance.

Angel Oak Consulting Group is a service offering separate and apart from Angel Oak Capital Advisors, including but not limited to any other affiliate. Angel Oak Consulting Group may from time to time utilize the services, expertise and experience of professionals who are associated or otherwise affiliated with another Angel Oak entity or service organization.

Risk Modeling

Our team provides assurance that risk management systems and processes align with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. We review and validate models developed to measure and monitor market, credit, and liquidity risk.  This provides assurance that your institution exceeds regulatory and industry requirements for model risk management.  We also have deep technical experience in developing and implementing proprietary models across a wide range of applications, including risk measurement, stress testing, and valuation.

Portfolio Management

We have deep financial services expertise with a practitioner’s perspective on risk governance and balance sheet management. Our team brings a consistent flow of the latest market information to bank management to identify opportunities and risks to the portfolio and balance sheet.

Risk Management

Angel Oak Consulting offers a range of risk management services for banks, asset managers, and other financial institutions. This often begins with a detailed assessment of current processes to ensure a full understanding of the critical success factors necessary to achieve your goals. These assessments cover interest rate risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk.  We will partner with your institution to improve business processes and ensure alignment with regulatory compliance requirements.

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